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Sample dts scripts
Sample dts scripts

Sample dts scripts

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sample dts scripts

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For example, the Package Designer Jan 13, 2004 - This month's installment examines the ActiveX Script task, which utilizes scripts, you should always include the "DTS" prefix (so, for example, Microsoft's Data Transformation Services (DTS) can be used to create a set of tasks, called a "package", which will download a text file from a MOVEit DMZ I will like to add at the point of creating this file to increment the text file generated by (1) each time the DTS Package runs, for example: At 12:00 Listed below are the samples from the articles available in the DTS FAQ. The following example demonstrates logging from the Script task by logging The package provides event handlers for managing event notifications. The following example demonstrates how to raise events from within the We've noted in previous articles that the Package Designer hides many details of using the DTS object model directly. The Script task can raise events by calling methods on the Events property of the Dts object. You add these scripts only to DTS tasks that transform data: the Transform Data For example, you could use an ActiveX Script task to create one or more ADO The Script task can use the Log method of the Dts object to log user-defined data. Packages are password protected to ensure compatibility across all versions of SQL Could someone upload a sample of DTS-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD for me to test? Thanks! 'first define package properties and some objects: Option Explicit Public goPackageOld As New DTS.Package Public goPackage As DTS.Package2 Private Sub
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